Paul Bowman



Paul Bowman is the former owner of two country radio stations, KHAR in Redding California and KOWA in Las Vegas Nevada.


Paul Bowman is a veteran Entertainer, Singer, Songwriter, Band Leader and Radio and Television personality.  He had a top ten west coast record, "Sally Was A Good Ole Girl". He was inducted to the Country Music Hall Of Fame by the Country Music Organizations Of America in 1998. His television show has won TV Show of the Year for 15 years. He also won Male Vocalist of the year two times, and Band of the Year five times.


The Paul Bowman Band has appeared in every major city in 17 western states. His TV Show, Million Dollar Country, has been seen in more than 100 cities on the west coast, including Los Angeles where 187,000 people watched each night. His Radio Show, based in Los Angeles on KFOX aired for 10 years ( 1982 to 1992 ). Bowman is currently on television in Las Vegas, Nevada and performs in the top casinos in Las Vegas.


Paul Bowman's KOW radio is on the internet 24/7 Playing 2000 number one country songs from 1920 to 2000.


Paul Bowman's weekly three hour History Of Country Music radio show is on 17 stations in 11 states.


Paul Bowman is one of the most recognizable names in Country Music on the West Coast. Over the years Bowman's audiences total, with personal appearances with the band and on Radio and Television, more than twenty million people.